Faith of Jesus Christ

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Today's Verse

Psm 62:2 Only he [is] my rock and my great salvation; [he is] my high place; I shall not be moved.1

.hB*r~ foMa#-aO yB!G~c=m! yt!u*Wvyw] yr]Wx aWh-Ea^ (.hB*r~ great [Adj. Feminine Sing.] modifies yt!u*Wvyw] salvation [N. Feminine Sing.])

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Cgerom2gal Romans to Galatians (Chinese/Greek/English) 1.39 MB March 18, 2013
Cgemat2mak Matthew to Mark (Chinese/Greek/English) 1.68 MB March 18, 2013
Handbook-english Gospel Pamphlet 188 KB March 18, 2013